My earliest memories are tied to a camera. I remember my dad giving me a broken down Nikon to play with. The design of the camera felt more intriguing than any of my toys and the world looked so different when I looked through a viewfinder.

I am a visual artist mainly working with photography and installation. I give a lot of thought on how to present my photographs and my work is often site-specific. I have a dialogue with the space. In my work I aim to present my subjects – everyday, people, cities and so on – with an honest look and humane approach. My visual language is the sum of ocean views, Jackson Pollock and Hollywood movies and my artistic work is based on curiosity, observation and deep interest in the human condition.

I am holding the BA from the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences and I am currently studying in the Master’s Programme in photography at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. My works are presented in exhibitions in Finland, most recently at Sibeliusmuseum in Turku and internationally e.g. SpaceBA gallery and Gallery TOMA in South Korea. In 2019 I self-published a photo book Seoul Journal which was greatly appreciated by the graffiti community worldwide.